Geubuntu Installation

I installed Geubuntu as guest OS on VMware Fusion. However, “Geubuntu” was changed to “OpenGEU” while worrying to the setting of Enlightenment.

OpenGEU, previously known as Geubuntu, is a complete and fully functional operative system based on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu.

The maximum feature of OpenGEU is the very cool “Enlightenment” Desktop.

When Geubuntu Live CD is started in Japanese, the Japanese part is garbled. However, Geubuntu can be installed because GTK part is normal. Geubuntu installation was the same as Ubuntu.

After Geubuntu had been installed, I installed the packages related to Japanese. It is based on this site. Japanese fonts are installed according to this procedure.

Then I try to normalize the Japanese display of Enlightenment referring to this site. However, I did not have to use such a procedure. The Menu of Enlightenment -> “Configuration” -> “Configuration Panel” -> “Appearance” -> “Fonts,” select the Japanese font and check “Enable Custom Font Classes.” Then, most garbles were canceled.

By the way, when I began to touch Linux, GNOME+Enlightenment Desktop Environment was general on Linux GUI. Enlightenment was removed before long by reason “Operation is heavy(?).” I feel a strange history in the thing that Enlightenment is adopted at this late date.


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